Monday, September 13, 2010

Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast.


( I love how humidity does not exist up here)

(Santa Monica Pier)

(Cotton candy + Coffee Bean with my nephew)

So, I've been in California for only a couple of days and already have hit the streets running. It always feels like home everytime I visit.There's nothing like this crisp air to not make you want to just spend the whole day outside like there's not a care in the world. Such a wonderful way to begin another great week!
More to come...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Do Wear All White.

(Waking up early on vacay and actually enjoying the sunrise is such an awesome feeling. Hanging out on the balcony of our condo. The beach just a couple minutes stroll away + the peacefulness of this secluded location = perfection.)

(NOLA pride on the Emerald Coast. I LOVE this plastic tumbler! My iced soy Starbuck's VIA)

(Target silk tank, BT fringe bib necklace, F21 turqoise bracelet, vintage silver knuckle ring,
Black Orchid white skinnies, Pac Sun frameless aviator sunnies, Baker's blush pink wedges)

(Super comfy wedges. Obssesed with this OPI shade. It's called, Color of the Zen-tury.)

(Feeling easy, breezy. Pardon the shades being on but it is seriously bright and I was going au naturale. No makeup just my lip protectant. And yes, I am sitting on a white towel. No need to get my bootay dirty. I am wearing all white after all.)

So, it's been quite a busy summer on my end. Unfortunately, not all play but alot of work. Blahhh. It makes it just that much harder to keep up with everything, especially blogging. Here's a little post to you all from the Emerald Coast aka Destin this Labor Day weekend  as I enjoy my morning java.
Yes, I'm wearing all white. I'm a firm believer in wearing it all year round and when needed be, why not from head to toe? Make it work! There's something about that crisp, cool color that makes me feel all calm and serene on the inside. Best attention grabber hands down.

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!