Monday, September 13, 2010

Nothing Comes Close to the Golden Coast.


( I love how humidity does not exist up here)

(Santa Monica Pier)

(Cotton candy + Coffee Bean with my nephew)

So, I've been in California for only a couple of days and already have hit the streets running. It always feels like home everytime I visit.There's nothing like this crisp air to not make you want to just spend the whole day outside like there's not a care in the world. Such a wonderful way to begin another great week!
More to come...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Do Wear All White.

(Waking up early on vacay and actually enjoying the sunrise is such an awesome feeling. Hanging out on the balcony of our condo. The beach just a couple minutes stroll away + the peacefulness of this secluded location = perfection.)

(NOLA pride on the Emerald Coast. I LOVE this plastic tumbler! My iced soy Starbuck's VIA)

(Target silk tank, BT fringe bib necklace, F21 turqoise bracelet, vintage silver knuckle ring,
Black Orchid white skinnies, Pac Sun frameless aviator sunnies, Baker's blush pink wedges)

(Super comfy wedges. Obssesed with this OPI shade. It's called, Color of the Zen-tury.)

(Feeling easy, breezy. Pardon the shades being on but it is seriously bright and I was going au naturale. No makeup just my lip protectant. And yes, I am sitting on a white towel. No need to get my bootay dirty. I am wearing all white after all.)

So, it's been quite a busy summer on my end. Unfortunately, not all play but alot of work. Blahhh. It makes it just that much harder to keep up with everything, especially blogging. Here's a little post to you all from the Emerald Coast aka Destin this Labor Day weekend  as I enjoy my morning java.
Yes, I'm wearing all white. I'm a firm believer in wearing it all year round and when needed be, why not from head to toe? Make it work! There's something about that crisp, cool color that makes me feel all calm and serene on the inside. Best attention grabber hands down.

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Starlet Style Spotlight: There's Something About Drew

(left to right: Ksubi jeans, Alternative Apparel shirt. McQ by Alexander Mcqueen mini , Balmain belt. Both worn with YSL pumps)

(Actress' own dress from a local vintage shop for $25!!!)

(left to right: Louboutin peep toes , Samantha Willis cocktail ring w/ red & black shift dress. Richard Chai blouse , Camilla & Marc pants ,YSL pumps)

(Bulletproof. The leather bullet belt that sent search engines soaring where fashionistas can purchase one. I want one too!)

(left to right Andrew Gn white dress. Alberta Ferreti old hollywood- glam inspired gown)

(Catherine Malandrino gown ,YSL pumps , Balmain belt)

Wowza!! I must say this starlet has been impressing everyone lately with her wardrobe choices and I , myself, cannot help but do double takes. From the fashion blogs, red carpets, magazine covers to television commercials, promos to the fierce streets, Drew just simply exudes radiance. Her quirky personality yet charming sense of humor shines through and through. Or could it be that golden ombre 'do she can pull off so well? The repeat use of those gray and taupe YSL pumps? All the while, Drew still manages to consistently keep her signature romantic-vintage to boho, rebel-chic styles her own. Whatever it may be, this sweet lady is most definitely getting her kudos from the hard to please fashion police!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

walk, walk, fashion baby

(I DIE. My fave!)

(Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2010 Collection)

As I indulge into my now Tuesday night tradition, which consist of my late night sashimi & a new Rachel Zoe Project episode, I can't help but tear up. Last night's episode was truly an emotional one. The episode was merely an homeage to celebrate Mr. Lee McQueen also known to everyone as Alexander McQueen. One of history's most epic visionaries is gone forever. But, this post is not meant to be a somber one. Just another to add to the many collections of millions celebrating the legacy this unforgettable designer left behind.

 After that heart-wrenching episode, I then glanced to the corner of my bedroom floor and spot my Christian Siriano's out the corner of my eye. Instantly I caught myself smiling. Suddenly a huge rush comes over and I make a mad dash to my computer. You know that feeling when you spot that amazing shoe in a shoe store and find out the last pair in stock is your size which then determines that the purchase was meant to be? Exactly. A fashion-gasm! As, I'm pulling up his last collection, here it came again and again. Waves of fashion-gasms just kept coming over me.

I've posted just some my faves above and below from his Pre-Fall and Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Collection. Where does he get his inspiration? The rich, luxurious colors. It's like every garment was purposely meant to be poetry in motion. The depth and dimension the opulent metallic threading along with the intricate placements of draping is nothing less than BRILLIANT! And that might even still be an understatement.

R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen
You will be forever loved and missed.


(Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Collection)

All images courtesy of

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Like it Rough.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire Spain

I don't know about anyone else but personally,  nothing screams "S-E-X-Y" on the female form than having that perfect balance between feminine structure and strong, masculine-like details.
Metal hardware + lace + frills galore...oh my!

These two models most definitely did these lingerie-inspired frocks justice. Who says you can't look uber-glam while frolicking through the desert sands?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Person of Interest. Feature Moment of the Week: Little Tokyo crosses the Big Pond


(all garment pieces + shoes + hat  local Tokyo boutiques, fleur de lis pendant random New Orleans shop)

Randomly enjoying my fix of toro & sea urchin at my fave sushi restaurant, walks in this ginormous glow of energy. Politely smiling and making eye contact with all the service workers you can't help but stare. There was something about her..something indeed. Was it her confidence? Unique sense of style? Definitely all the above.
It's been quite sometime since I've personally encountered someone with such natural, angelic looks and effortless style + grace to match. Immediately I envisioned this Japanese exotic beauty frolicking along the Thames River on a hot British summer day. Somewhat reminiscent of a modern day character straight out of Disney's,"Mary Poppins". Sweet. Flirty. Playful. Definitely always refreshing to see someone not only physically beautiful but just equally owning a unique sense of style. Kudos to this refined Possessionista!
Here's to your Feature Moment!

Until next time...
Peace + LOVE + Fashion

**Pardon the fuzziness & poor quality of the images but I only had my iPhone to capture her. Regretting changing purses this day & leaving my camera in that one.**

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Sunday Kind of Love Affair.

(Displayed are some of Degas' infamous paintings. Some say he's the founder of Impressionism. His ability to capture the complexity of human motion was absolutely mind boggling. Hence, a majority of his portraits are depicting "scenes of life" occurring in a Parisian atmosphere. Still to this day, the ballet series continues its increase in popularity.)

(Les Moulles au Fenouil et Pomme Frites[mussels w/ fennel & french fries], La Crepe au Crab[lump crabmeat crepe])

(peach mimosas = delish)

"New Orleans ladies..a sassy style that will drive you crazy..All the way from Bourbon Street to Esplanade..they sashay by.."
(Alcee Fortier Park located directly across the street from the restaurant. Local artists display sculptures here.)

For as long as I am able to recall, Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week. The beginning of new,exciting things is the way I like to look at it. A day set aside for quality time with family, time to relax, gather yourself together from a rough weekend and of course, brunch! Any excuse to have a lazy day. 
One of my favorite places to dine at for this meal would be this cozy, little cottage called, Cafe Degas. Oh how I look forward to their menu & specials for that week! Living in New Orleans where there are an abundance of the many options and as equally delicious food makes it that much  more conflicting on where to dine.
Personally, this has never been an issue. Aside from the service, menu selections, location & ambiance; history & culture is conveyed throughout when setting foot through those wooden doors. This French bistro meets European style dining, restaurateur Jacques Soulas & Jerry Edgar partnered up to pay homage to the infamous French artist, Edgar Degas; whom was rumored to have stayed for a period of time on Esplanade Avenue not far from the restaurant's location. Located in the heart of the historic Faubourg St. John neighborhood, you'll discover classic French dishes with a modern twist. It's everything you've envisioned it to be & so much more. Picture-esque setting & scenery. A tree sprouting inside the middle of the restaurant. Murmuring fountain. Consistently alive. Yet, a sense of calm,serene feeling comes over you as if you're dining at an authentic French countryside cafe. Everything seems to move at a slower pace & you truly get a chance to enjoy your meal. Very unusual these days to the many of us always on the go. 
C'est vraiment une experience et un doit essayer!
(It truly is an experience and a must try!)