Monday, September 26, 2011

Curbside Cravings: Street Fare Derby

This way..that way..

Favorite shade of Fall: mustard (I purposely wore the loose chiffon garment for the obvious reasons)

(dress + belt + feather necklace: F21, cross-body bag: boutique, cat-eye sunnies: vintage, thread bracelets: Costa Rica street market, Express)

A self- proclaimed reveler in the local food scene, the anticipation for an event such as this literally had my tummy doing cartwheels. Back flips if that counts.

Finally! Other people get it. We all know New Orleans is most definitely on the forefront in the culinary world, but needless to say, trends do take awhile to catch on down here. The waves of curiosity & attempts to launch a successful yet legal mobile food service in the Big Easy has been quite a challenge. ***Trust me I know first hand,as I diligently prepare my proposals + business plan to soon get mine up and operating.

In an effort to raise awareness, advocacy along with exploration to present to the locals; event creator hit it right on the money as they formed a partnership with Fair Grounds Race Course and Slots to bring foodies and nay-sayers alike to enjoy what we love to do. Behold, the Street Fare Derby. A little slice of food truck + pop up restaurant heaven all within the same vicinity.
As I park to the first available spot, containing my excitement was too much of a task at hand. Then, walking through the seemingly endless gates to get to the track is another untold story. Strolling out beneath the crisp white tents there they were; all aligned in some sort of maze-like formation. In synchronization as the chrome headlights greet you, the air reeked with sin. Truffle oil, garlic, parmesan and unnamed decadence. Holy moly! I had my expectations but this was beyond mind boggling. "Where do I get in line and what should I eat first?" were the only tunes playing in my head.

There were the favored usual special events' participants and expected menu with their awaiting lines of customers to coordinate. The front runners evidently made for serpent like winding formations amidst the sea of people.  Averaging a 10 minute wait to receive your food was acceptable. Hoping to try some form of nostalgia and being made aware they were "restocking" or "sold out for the day" at 2 o'clock in the afternoon was such bittersweet feeling.

--All in all, the day was a success for the vendors and patrons.
--The fare options/ variety were great.
--Event needs a larger location to accommodate the masses.

From my palate, I share with you in what I hope would be a movement towards street fare into a legal affair. Follow me as I trek my way through the masses to fulfill my curbside cravings. What were yours?

Kermit Ruffins on brass and doing his thing

Garlic, sage & manchego w/ roasted red pepper ketchup and portable spiked adult-size juice pouches

 Look out for the Fry Bar's fancy, custom cart on the streets of NOLA

In awe of his conductor-esue ensemble

"Most Adorable Food Truck Award" goes to: Meltdown & Peace, Love + Sno-balls

Little fluffs of vegetarian goodness in the making.

He said he's glad to support my research. I told him I'll pay in food. Good deal.

                "Back in 5" is sure to be a good sign for business; my fulfillment for their frozen treats, not so much.

Busted Betty! Never knew roasted corn tasted so delicious when paired with the perfect condiments.

Sauced out.