Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Person of Interest. Feature Moment of the Week: Little Tokyo crosses the Big Pond


(all garment pieces + shoes + hat  local Tokyo boutiques, fleur de lis pendant random New Orleans shop)

Randomly enjoying my fix of toro & sea urchin at my fave sushi restaurant, walks in this ginormous glow of energy. Politely smiling and making eye contact with all the service workers you can't help but stare. There was something about her..something indeed. Was it her confidence? Unique sense of style? Definitely all the above.
It's been quite sometime since I've personally encountered someone with such natural, angelic looks and effortless style + grace to match. Immediately I envisioned this Japanese exotic beauty frolicking along the Thames River on a hot British summer day. Somewhat reminiscent of a modern day character straight out of Disney's,"Mary Poppins". Sweet. Flirty. Playful. Definitely always refreshing to see someone not only physically beautiful but just equally owning a unique sense of style. Kudos to this refined Possessionista!
Here's to your Feature Moment!

Until next time...
Peace + LOVE + Fashion

**Pardon the fuzziness & poor quality of the images but I only had my iPhone to capture her. Regretting changing purses this day & leaving my camera in that one.**

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