Wednesday, August 18, 2010

walk, walk, fashion baby

(I DIE. My fave!)

(Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2010 Collection)

As I indulge into my now Tuesday night tradition, which consist of my late night sashimi & a new Rachel Zoe Project episode, I can't help but tear up. Last night's episode was truly an emotional one. The episode was merely an homeage to celebrate Mr. Lee McQueen also known to everyone as Alexander McQueen. One of history's most epic visionaries is gone forever. But, this post is not meant to be a somber one. Just another to add to the many collections of millions celebrating the legacy this unforgettable designer left behind.

 After that heart-wrenching episode, I then glanced to the corner of my bedroom floor and spot my Christian Siriano's out the corner of my eye. Instantly I caught myself smiling. Suddenly a huge rush comes over and I make a mad dash to my computer. You know that feeling when you spot that amazing shoe in a shoe store and find out the last pair in stock is your size which then determines that the purchase was meant to be? Exactly. A fashion-gasm! As, I'm pulling up his last collection, here it came again and again. Waves of fashion-gasms just kept coming over me.

I've posted just some my faves above and below from his Pre-Fall and Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Collection. Where does he get his inspiration? The rich, luxurious colors. It's like every garment was purposely meant to be poetry in motion. The depth and dimension the opulent metallic threading along with the intricate placements of draping is nothing less than BRILLIANT! And that might even still be an understatement.

R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen
You will be forever loved and missed.


(Ready to Wear Fall 2010 Collection)

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  1. I LOVE THIS article! I enjoyed last night show. To watch one of the FAB supermodel tear up as she strut down the runway shows how loved this amazing man was in the fashion industry. Thanks for a great post.