Friday, August 17, 2012

Twist of Mint & Vintage Dots

"Ya look like a lost grandma", said the seester. Thank you, thank you very much. Don't mind if I do, actually.

(gifted vintage polka dot pants, haus131 chiffon blouse, f21 hat, zara bag + heels)

Who doesn't love fresh eats? Just the thought & sight in front of one's eyes is literally an eye-opener.  Every week I make it a priority to peruse one of the three farmer's market locations throughout the city. In my case particularly, it's more of an educational field trip incorporated with the best of  local offerings.
Opting for the Uptown location, I forewarned the little sis in tow to bring her appetite. As we set out to stock up on produce & such, the kettle corn man + infamous solar powered empanada producing machine are serving up grub.
 Can't say the same for all, but, the sight anyone/anything pumping out quality food to the masses are such rockstars in my eyes.
Frozen watermelon treats, picking fresh herbs, homemade jams + sauces , quality time with the sis w/in the same parking lot vicinity= success. All this and it's only Tuesday?!

[Click link above for times + locations w/ the happenings] 

empanada intifada

'nuff said

made in the shade..that's just how we roll down here.

poblano pepper mac 'n cheese + chimichurri + beana vista empanadas. *noms

what green okras & big creole tomatoes you have?!?

and a bead dog.
the end.

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