Monday, April 11, 2011

In Memoriam

Those whom are close to me cannot believe how I was not Japanese in my former life. In fact, they've often joked with me about it. "Are you sure you're not Japanese?" or "Wow you're more Japanese than I am!" It's no secret that I've always had such adoration for this beautiful culture. Yes, of course the food has alot to with it. Okay and most importantly the fashion. There's a purity about their culture that I've always admired from afar. The rest of the world seems to think so, too. Needless to say, they did start our love affair with sushi + sake + late nite karaeoke. I, myself,  planned a trip to Japan in the upcoming months for research + pleasure. Sad to say, it might not even happen anymore.

(Putting in some time at a local festival this past weekend for our restaurant. Not bad, ehhh? Keep rollin'..rollin'...
Got sushi?!)

It's hard to believe that it's been exactly one month to this day that Japan was hit with one of history's worst natural disasters. The destruction of the earthquake, tsunami, multiple aftershocks, and radiation exposure is still mind boggling to everyone how much damage has occured. As many as 25,000 lives lost and the death toll still may be on the rise. It's going to take years for Japan to rebuild the empire that was once there. But, being technologically advanced and a structured government to oversee the rebuilding, we all have faith that they will be able to do so. As a matter of fact, most likely better than ever.

(Hong Kong's old world taxi)

Personally experiencing firsthand the destruction of what Mother Nature is capable of, ala Hurricane Katrina; there's only one thing that will get you through it all. Hope. The will to keep on going.

Join the relief efforts if you have not. Check into your local community and see how you can help. Every little bit counts. Here are a couple of sites you can donate to:

Please let us all take a moment to reflect and remember. Send out your heart + thoughts.

What once was....
Images are courtesy of  a friend's recent trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka right before the tsunami and earthquake hit.
Thank you, Jimmy for these.

(Osaka Castle)

(Jimmy, Chiharu & company)

(Gold Temple. Yes it is really made of gold.)

(Mt. Fuji)

(My friend, Chiharu. They said she was praying for a husband.)

(The oldest temple in Japan.)

(Street filled with Harajukus)

(Why can't we have this in America??)

(Part of the Big Easy making it all the way to Japan!)

(My kind of breakfast.)

(Look at how cute she is!!)

(Now that's some fancy panties. I want.)

(Hong Kong skyline)

(Full on fab!)


Pray for Japan

Anata wa dōmo arigatō

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