Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Ultimate Thurs-date

(cut out maxi dress: bebe, sunnies: boutique)

(three tone bangle: BT, peacock feather necklace: F21, three tone fringe open clasp bangle + cone platform wedges: Bakers)

Cut it out. Rocking half of a Snooki.

Finally, after months of playing phone tag and conflicting schedules being reunited feels sooo good! True friends can go without seeing each other and maybe not be able to keep in contact for days/weeks and pick up exactly where you left off just like it was yesterday. Especially, case in point with this glamour mama. Already an established makeup artist here in the Big Easy & Miami, Brandy relocated to New York to make an even bigger name for herself. Can you blame her? I, for one, am "Team Queen B" all the way!
One of the most wonderful things about this beloved city is that you can most definitely feed your soul with whatever your tummy & little heart desires. The vast amount of culinary variations, it can often lead to a pretty tough decision on where to dine. With the forgiving weather, frolicking downtown to enjoy a much needed one on one girl time with one of my fave gal pals is the ultimate no brainer.
First stop the renowned, Drago's for some fresh + grilled oysters and lobsters. Then, a quick stroll to Pinkberry for some froyo to wash down all of that seafood delight. It's amazing how much you can really appreciate the city walking within a five block radius. And it's only mid afternoon on a Thursday. Loads of giggles, gossip, fashion talk and most all enjoying our time together. It's been the most perfect way to add yet again another chapter to the book of memories of Brandy and I's fanciful adventures.

I like it fresh.

Lunch is served.

Swirly goodness!

"W" is for WINNING

Full of life. Biggest heart. Forever staying fabulous and fancy.

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