Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life Lately. Chronicles of the Month: April.

I always try my hardest to keep up with posts. But, living down here you hardly get any down time. There's always something going on. Don't believe me? Images speak for themselves. I shall do an outfit post soon.
Thanks for stopping by!!!

Laughter. The cure to all.

Life abloom.

Monster Ball.

Mama Monster Aprroved.

Workin' It.

'nuff said.

French Quarter Fest 2011.

The festival season always brings out the best in people.

Rooftop maxin' and relaxin'.


My fave sandwich shop! Behold, the crawfish roll. Yumm-ooo.

Flower Power. My creation for one of my bff's b-day.

I mean, everyone should own one right??


  1. I love the pool area at the W! My brother stayed there last summer and I went swimming there. Funny that I love hotel pools but never get a chance to use them since obviously I live here.

  2. Good point. Topps should send us sweets!!!! Truck Chrome stacks